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-Each month receive a mystery mail containing  our happiness-inducing socks. Unique and special, just like you.-

Generating happiness from the ground-up!

-Ever changing selection of funky designs

Unique design pieces and the most creative funky socks brands: cool patterns & fun designs.

-Make your sock game stands out

Get one or two pairs of the finest funky sock designs or get abusive and select our most crazy designs only. The highest quality requirements of the market.

-A colorful surprise in your mailbox

Our mission is to surprise you constantly. You never know what is coming your way. Get ready to dress like a sock star!

Sock Club Promise

We put all our efforts into finding the most unique, fun and funky designs. Expect to find ultimate durable combed cotton that gives your feet a little hug every time you put them on. -David, Company manager

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