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Top 5 Reasons To Wear Funky Socks.

Posted by Andy Lower on

Well, as there are top 10 for everything today we were thinking about the 5 best reasons to wear funky socks on a daily basis. 


1. You will never be ashamed to take off you shoes anymore when arriving in an after party. 

2. Your crush will not say bad things anymore about your strange feet shapes. Instead she/he will be dazzled by the colors of your socks.

3. It looks good with almost everything. 

4. You can proudly rock the Socks and Sandal trend now. 

5. You will be now clearly seen by cars when riding your bike, even without the ugly fluo safety vest. 

(Pictures taken from Google images - if you own the rights on one of these do not hesitate to write us to remove if needed)