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Why a Sock Subscription Really Is the Perfect Christmas Gift for Men

Posted by Andy Lower on

If you are struggling to find the right gift, you really can’t go wrong with socks for men. Whilst you may think of socks as boring, or novelty, they don’t have to be. For modern men, socks are an important fashion accessory that can really make an outfit. Long gone are the plain and dull grey and black socks; funky, bright coloured socks are a stylish accessory that just can’t be ignored.

Whilst a pair of dashing socks can be a brilliant Christmas present, why not extend the fun and give a monthly funky sock subscription as a gift?

Not convinced? Check out these great reasons why a sock subscription will make a perfect Christmas gift for men this Christmas:

  • Socks are no longer boring – Life is too short to wear boring socks. Whilst socks were once one of the least interesting parts of a man’s outfit, they are now often one of the most exciting and eye catching. By choosing a monthly sock subscription as a gift, you can give a friend a new pair of stylish socks every month to help add colour to their outfits for all occasions.
  • Socks are relatively cheap compared with other accessories – A good quality scarf or tie can be quite pricey, whereas luxury, comfortable socks are very affordable and the quality is clear.
  • We naturally gravitate towards new socks – If you put a brand new pair of bold, colourful and high quality socks into a draw full of plain, uninteresting socks, it’s natural to gravitate to the new socks whenever they are clean. If we see a pair of new socks, we immediately feel like wearing them. A monthly subscription allows the receiver of your gift to build up a collection of funky socks to choose from each time they look in their draw.
  • A sock subscription is a thoughtful gift – Whilst you could be accused of not putting in much effort into finding a gift by giving a box of cheap black socks, a monthly funky socks subscription is a great way to impress and show that you’ve put careful thought into choosing the right Christmas present.
  • A lot of men don’t want to buy socks for themselves – Socks aren’t an item of clothing that we regularly buy for ourselves, even when they start to wear out and get holes, so a gift of stylish socks is always welcome.
  • Everybody needs socks – Whether going to work, socialising or even just lounging around at home, practically all men wear socks on a daily basis. Socks do much more than completing an outfit, they help to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

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