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The fancy sock Club: crazy about socks, serious about people!

A fancy, always new selection of funky patterns and fun designs:

Because happiness starts at the bottom, two long-time friends form Belgium and Luxembourg decided to turn the most neglected everyday piece into a unique monthly experience. Thus we have never stopped looking for new ways to keep on surprising our subscribers. Our collections are designed in-house in Luxembourg. On top of that we touch ground with the colorful sock landscape and collaborate with leading funky sock brands to ensure the widest variety in our collection. Our go-to design selection consists of a balanced combination of funky patterns, original fun graphics and the occasional crazy design. Up the craziness by choosing "extra crazy" in the subscription builder!

Short insight into our collection that reflects the style of socks you will get.

MonthlyFunkySocks® Club Guarantee:

Every shipment is different but the quality stays the same. All the selected pairs goes through quality checks and feature a double layered cuff band and a reinforced toe and heel. Moreover we keep the natural elements as high as possible as the more you add artificial components in the sock's composition the less comfortable and the more sweaty they will be. It's not rocket science and finding the right balance between patterns and comfort is key to awesome socks. Our socks are made of minimum 80% "combed" cotton. This durable cotton is the result of a superior treatment removing it completely from fibers and impurities: it creates a soft, comfy feel that gives your feet a little hug every time you put them on (true story). 

The perfect gift idea (that keeps on giving) for your loved ones.

Sock game on autopilot: a colourful monthly surprise!

Get what you want when you want it! Choose our extra crazy option to add extra crazy designs to your collection and we will adjust your orders accordingly. Use the subscription manager to skip a month or switch style when you need to. Cancel at any givin' time. Benefit from a fast responding customer service for any special request.

Our "Sock Exchange" guarantee:

Wether you live in UK, Europe, USA or anywhere else in the world our subscriptions include happiness guarantee, if you don't love our pick, send it back and we will include a replacement pair in your next shipment. 

 "Set foot into the world of Monthly Funky Socks where you will never come short of happiness simply because we deliver in pairs. =)"

David & Sloane



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