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Super Sock Insurance

Proudly introducing to you our exclusive sock insurance!

Usually, funky socks take care one for another, but accidents may happen. If your pet finds a lost sock or you simply lose it, the SSI office got you covered. The Super Sock Insurance Office takes care of accidents involving your socks (loss, pet based destruction and other catastrophes). Whatever happens with one of the pairs you have insurance for, you will get a brand new pair back, right to your doorstep! In socks we trust.

Add inusrance for one more coin, literally!

The more socks you take, the cheaper the insurance. Here is how to activate:

1. Select the sock insurance option while building your subscription (+1€/ +1$/ +1£)

2. If applicable: send us your damaged pair or leftover + send us a mail!

3. We send back the new pair in your next shipment.

4. Your feet stay funky.


Valid only for items with selected insurance and eligible as long as being an active customer (+15 days).
Up to three pairs yearly are covered.
Prior to sending the pair to be replaced, please write us an email.